AEC Printing

Our background is in architecture & construction, we know what you need;

Great quality technical drawings, renderings and signage at a reasonable price.

We provide it.

120gsm AEC Prints

  Our 120gsm AEC prints are perfect for planning applications, client sign-offs and on-site reference.

  The paper is bright white and coated giving linework and text extra clarity & contrast making it more readable, the heavier weight also means it's more durable. We also offer printing on our vinyl SiteProof prints (see below) for ultimate durability.


  For planning applications, we can deliver direct to the planning officers if you require that. If the job is urgent, plase contact us, it won't be a problem to help you.


Please Note

  Please select the Plan Prints ONLY for line drawings, if you have any pages which contain graphics or images, please purchase the Graphics & Image prints.


Plan Prints (Line Drawings ONLY)

A3 - £0.75

A2 - £1.25

A1 - £2.50

A0 - £5.00

Graphics & Images Prints

A3 - £1.25

A2 - £2.50

A1 - £5.00

A0 - £10.00

200gsm Smooth Natural Cartridge Paper

  Very popular with interior design & architecture professionals who want a slightly more traditional look to their work or want to accentuate warm tones to their renderings.


  • Single sided
  • Natural 'off' white
  • Smooth texture
  • Fully coated for great colour and contrast
  • FSC certified

A3 - £1.50

A2 - £3.00

A1 - £6.00

A0 - £12.00

SiteProof Vinyl Prints

  Our SiteProof prints are printed on coated vinyl with HP Vivera pigment inks, they're weatherproof and tear resistant meaning they're almost as tough as your builders.

  Perfect for drawings that'll be on site for long periods of time or have to be frequently taken outdoors in all weathers without having to worry about having them laminated or covered, if they get wet, simply let them air-dry or dab with tissue or cloth.


A3 - £1.75

A2 - £3.50

A1 - £7.00

A0 - £14.00

Adhesive Vinyl Site Signage

  Our adhesive vinyl is perfect for all your site signage needs. They're fully customisable so you can create any combination of safety signs to suit the needs of a site or particular areas of it.

  We can add your company logo and details to any sign to add a little advertising to them, perfect for promoting your company as a safe, reliable one.

  The permanent adhesive will stick to glass, wood, plastic & concrete so you can use them as temporary signs or stick them to a piece of ply board to reuse them on different sites.

  We're also offering signage mounted onto 5mm foamboard, see below for details.

A3 297x420mm - £5.00

A2 420x594mm - £7.50

A1 594x841mm - £16.00

A0 841x1189mm - £30.00

Foamboard Signage

  For those needing signage for a little longer, or want to be able to re-use their signs, we're able to offer signs on to 5mm foamboard for added flexibility and re-use.

  These signs are printed on our vinyl which is then mounted onto the foamboard giving them a little more strength and longevity than other manufacturers who just print directly onto the board.


  As with the vinyl only, you can use these for site safety signage or as an advertising board o promote your company.

A4 - 210x297mm - £4.00

A3 - 297x420mm - £6.00

A2 - 420x594mm - £10.00

A1 - 594x841mm - £18.00

Photo Wallpaper

  Our non-woven wallpaper is fantastic for adding photos or patterns & graphics to walls, it's also extremely popular with architects who want to show their design work on a paper that has a neutral white tone and a little texture for a more artistic look.

  The paper can be hung with reguar wallpaper paste, perfect for those who want to use it to create custom wall patterns for feature walls or detail strips.

  This paper has been tested in humid environments and holds up well to changes in temperature/humidity well, although we would thoroughly recommend a spray application of matte or satin varnish to enhance the longevity and protect the print once hung in environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.


  Available for printing up to 10m in length per piece

A3 - £3.00

A2 - £5.00

A1 - £9.00

A0 - £17.00

We will soon be adding a self-adhesive woven wallpaper to our stock as well which is quicker to install.

contact us for details.