Poster Printing

ArchiPrint offers a wide range of posters

From basic indoor posters for retail, to backlit lightbox film & blueback (billboard) posters. all available in a variety of sizes  at a cost you'll find very agreeable.

Standard Posters

120gsm Bright Matte

by Xativa

  Our basic paper, bright white with a matte (non-shiny) surface, fully coated for bright colors and great contrast.

Best for short-term indoor use


For long-term indoor posters, scroll down to our 230gsm matte posters.

If your indoor posters will get a lot of direct sunlight, we'd recommend using our 190gsm satin below, which has enhanced UV protection.


A4 - £0.80

A3 - £1.25

A2 - £3.00

A1 - £6.00

A0 - £12.00

190gsm Satin

by Océ

  Lightweight photo/poster paper with a slightly shiny silk finish.

Most popular for retail posters. Can be used for long term indoor or short-term/medium-term outdoor usage.

A4 - £1.50

A3 - £2.50

A2 - £4.00

A1 - £7.50

A0 - £15.00

Speciality Posters

120gsm Blue back

by Océ

  Bright white, matte finish with an opaque blue backing to help reduce see-through. these posters are ideal for anyone wanting to have billboard or flyposter style prints. the paper is highly water-resistant so will withstand being outdoors for a period of about 3 months making it ideal for guerilla boutique or event advertising.

A4 - £1.20

A3 - £1.80

A2 - £3.00

A1 - £6.00

A0 - £12.00


B3 - £3.75

B2 - £6.00

B1 - £10.00

B0 - £19.00

Backlit Lightbox Film

by Canon

Bright by day, brighter by night!

  During the day, this film looks like a bright white photo paper, at night your posters will glow with bright colours, great contrast and the best clarity to grab your customers attention.

  Using regular paper with light boxes gives you blotchy-looking prints in lightboxes due to the way the paper is made, this film has a uniform manufacturing process so no visual deformities here.


Printed using our fine art printers for amazing quality whether viewed in-store or from outside.

A4 - £2.50

A3 - £3.50

A2 - £7.00

A1 - £13.00

A0 - £28.00

B4 - £2.50

B3 - £5.00

B2 - £10.00

B1 - £20.00

B0 - £35.00

Deluxe Matte Posters

230gsm Bright Matte

by Xativa

  The same finish as our 120gsm Bright Matte, but with extra weight for more robustness and a luxurious look & feel. This paper is commonly used by artists for gallery-quality matte work and it's available to you for a great price.

Best for long-term indoor posters

A3 - £2.00

A2 - £4.00

A1 - £8.00

A0 - £16.00