Real Estate Printing

You want to showcase your properties to prospective buyers.

You want great quality, to be shown day and night, that won't break the bank.

That's where we come in.


A4-A0 prints suitable for lightboxes and window displays, and for commercial or shopfronts, full-height banners to maximise the visibility of your premises.

All printed on our 8-colour HP Art plotters for perfect colours and great contrast. Save on your ink costs and enjoy crisp, bright prints with no banding or streaking.

Why Choose ArchiPrint?

Three Reasons


Affordable Quality

All our prints are created on our 8 colour HP Designjet printers, so you get fine-art grade prints at a sensible price, with same day or next day delivery all week, free for local postcodes.


Save Money.

Office printer inks are very expensive, using us will cut down on your consumable expenses while still having great looking window displays.


No Defects.

Say goodbye to banding, dead printheads, dodgy colours and all the things that reduce the impact of your images. Our machines are made for high quantity as well as high quality.

Businesses local to us get free shipping as standard

(postcodes SE19, SE21, SE24, SE25, SE27, SW2, SW4, SW9, SW11, SW12, SW16​)

120gsm Bright Matte Paper

A bright white, smooth, photo-coated matte paper,. Use this if

Your window display doesn't use lightboxes, or

Cost-effectiveness is the most important thing to you

  • Single-sided
  • Smooth texture
  • Bright bleached white

Printed on our 8-colour fine art production printers for consistent, high quality prints.


A4 - £0.50

A3 - £1.00

A2 - £2.00

A1 - £4.00

A0 - £8.00

Lightbox Film

Bright by day, brighter by night!
A smooth bright white film with a matte finish that appears bright & vibrant in daylight conditions and gives images a bright uniform appearance when used with fluroescent & LED backlight frames.


 Using regular paper with light boxes gives you blotchy-looking prints in lightboxes due to the way the paper is made, this film has a uniform manufacturing process so no visual deformities here.


A4 - £2.50

A3 - £3.50

A2 - £7.00

A1 - £13.00

A0 - £26.00

B4 - £2.50

B3 - £5.00

B2 - £10.00

B1 - £20.00

B0 - £35.00